Junior High-Performance Programme

Junior High-Performance Programme Become a professional player Our Junior High-Performance Programme aims to provide specialist training for all our selected players. All of our tennis training is based on the most current research ensuring Tennis Monsters players receive cutting-edge training at all times. Tennis Monsters offer a complete package giving our players access to: Mental skills […]

Hot Shots Yellow

  Hot Shots Yellow 11-18 Years — 60 Minutes — Full Court Hot Shots Yellow is an intermediate-advanced tennis programme for children aged 11-18 years. Players are exposed to a full range of technical and tactical possibilities while encouraged to develop their own play style and game plan. Everything is relevant to match play situations and gives them […]

Hot Shots Green

  Hot Shots Green 9-11 Years — 60 Minutes — Full Court Hot Shots Green is an intermediate-advanced level tennis programme for children aged 9-11-years-old. Children focus on developing the following skills: Basic to excellent movement to, from and around the ball Coordinated use of all parts of the body Basic to adapted stances Basic full-court strategy and […]

Hot Shots Orange

  Hot Shots Orange 8-11 Years — 45 Minutes — 3/4 Court Hot Shots Orange is a beginner-intermediate level tennis programme for children aged 8-11-years-old. Children play with medium compression tennis balls, bouncing lower and move slower to allow them to have longer rallies. Children learn a variety of skills: Quick and efficient movement Co-ordinated rotation and […]

Hot Shots Red

  Hot Shots Red 5-8 Years — 45 Minutes — 1/2 Court Hot Shots Red is a beginner level tennis programme for 5-8-year-old children. Children play with larger, low compression balls and a modified court to allow them to develop their tennis skills properly. The focus is on fun and learning so they have all the tools they need […]

Mini Shots Blue

Mini Shots Blue 3-5 Years — 45 Minutes — Mini Court Mini Shots is tennis programme for 3-5-year-old children. At this age children acquire new skills quickly and create a solid foundation for further development. Children will learn the basic skills of simple balance and movement, basic racquet and ball skills, simple swing patterns and group structure […]

Private Tennis Coaching

Private Tennis Coaching 1-1 session Private Tennis Coaching is available to junior and adult players wanting to improve quickly. You may be a beginner learning the basic technique, an intermediate player wanting to work on a specific stroke, or an advanced player focused on perfecting your game. Tennis Monsters Coaching Director Tracey O’Connor—former Grand Slam […]

How To Prepare Your Child For Their First Tennis Lesson

How To Prepare Your Child For Their First Tennis Lesson Children are excited at the thought of learning tennis, but on the day—they may get ‘stage fright’. It happens and coaches are experienced managing this. The best way to deal with on the day is for you, or their sibling—to support them by walking with them to […]

Coaching Programmes

Coaching Programmes Tennis Monsters provide coaching programmes for juniors and adults at your local tennis club where you can enjoy social tennis for fun, fitness and healthy competition through to high-performance tennis for juniors and adults of all ages and abilities. You may be just starting, or an enthusiastic past player wanting to perfect your technique. […]

Coaching Programmes for Juniors

Coaching Programmes for Juniors Tennis Monsters provide coaching programmes for juniors at your local tennis club where you can enjoy social tennis for fun, fitness and healthy competition through to high-performance tennis. Coaching Director Tracey O’Connor—former Grand Slam junior ranked #55 in the world—is your first point of contact to determine your coaching requirements. Tracey will […]

Introducing… Nelson Cuellar

Nelson Cuellar Tennis Monsters Director Head Coach at Harcourts Eden Epsom & West Harbour Tennis Clubs Overview Nelson has been a high-performance player since the age of 8-years-old representing Bogota, Colombia in local, regional and national tournaments. Experienced in motivating youth to achieve goals, Nelson is a student-focused coach with a wealth of experience and knowledge […]

Welcome to Tennis Monsters!

Welcome! Tennis Monsters are a world class team of local and international professional tennis coaches who are passionate about empowering people of all ages to learn and develop their skills, enjoy their local club environment and become regular social or high-performance tennis players. Our qualified team provides: Private Tennis Coaching (Juniors, Adults) Hot Shots Programmes (Juniors, all levels) […]