Harcourts Eden Epsom Community Play

Harcourts Eden Epsom Community Play Join us for a FREE Hot Shots community play event on Sunday, 18 December 2016 with our Tennis Monsters coaches. 9.30am-10.30am – games run by our coaches for kids 4-14yrs 10.30am-11.30am – play with your family and friends Date: Sunday, 18 December 2016 Time: 9.30am-11.30am Category: all levels welcome Entry Fee: FREE Club: Harcourts Eden […]

More About… High-Performance Squad Head Coach, Nelson Cuellar

Nelson Cuellar Tennis Monsters Director, High-Performance Squad Head Coach Head Coach at Harcourts Eden Epsom & West Harbour Tennis Clubs Overview Nelson has been a high-performance player since the age of 8-years-old representing Bogota, Colombia in local, regional and national tournaments. Experienced in motivating youth to achieve goals, Nelson is a student-focused coach with a wealth […]

Mini Shots Blue (3-5 Years)

Mini Shots Blue 3-5 Years — 45 Minutes — Mini Court Mini Shots is tennis programme for 3-5-year-old children. At this age children acquire new skills quickly and create a solid foundation for further development. Children will learn the basic skills of simple balance and movement, basic racquet and ball skills, simple swing patterns and group structure […]

Harcourts Epsom Eden Hot Shots Matchplay

Harcourts Eden Epsom Hot Shots Match Play Our Hot Shots Junior Match Play at Harcourts Eden Epsom Tennis Club is on Fridays from 3.30pm-4.30pm and is an opportunity for kids to learn how to play a proper match, compete in a friendly environment and improve their tennis skills. Registration is required as there is a maximum number of […]

School Holiday Programmes

Summer Holiday Programmes Our Tennis Monsters Summer Holiday Tennis Programme is a fun way for children to improve their tennis skills during the school holidays. It’s the perfect time for: beginners to pick up the basics in a very social, fun and games-based environment social juniors to develop social connections within group and team challenges regular […]

About Tennis Monsters and our Coaching Programmes

About Tennis Monsters Tennis Monsters are a world class team of local and international professional tennis coaches who are passionate about empowering people of all ages to learn and develop their skills, enjoy their local club environment and become regular social or high-performance tennis players. Our qualified team provides: Private Tennis Coaching (Juniors, Adults) Hot Shots […]


Become-a-Member Have you always loved the occasional hit of tennis but never regularly played? Become a member of your local tennis club and make tennis a regular fitness activity during your week. Tennis Monsters provide coaching at your local tennis club where you can enjoy social tennis for fun, fitness and healthy competition through to […]

The Benefits of Tennis

The Benefits of Tennis Tennis is one of the most popular sports in New Zealand and is the second most-played sport worldwide. Free or low-cost courts are available in nearly every community at schools and parks and organised programs for children are common throughout the country. All a child needs to get started is a racquet and […]

A Guide to Tennis Court Surfaces

A Guide to Tennis Court Surfaces Tennis is an indoor and outdoor sport and one of the most popular in the world! Tennis was initially played by the aristocrats and was called court tennis in the USA; in France, it is called Jeu de Paume and in Australia, it is called Royal Tennis. In Great Britain, […]

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis Adults – beginner, intermediate and advanced Cardio Tennis is a fun, sociable tennis-based group fitness programme open to people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. A fast paced workout with heart-rate monitors and music with qualified coaches, you’ll get to hit lots of tennis balls during your class and have a great […]

Challengers Tennis

Challengers Tennis Adults, intermediate – advanced intensive tennis Challenger Tennis is aimed at Interclub players who would like to build on their knowledge base for tactical elements of their game. Tennis Monsters Coaching Director Tracey O’Connor—former Grand Slam junior ranked #55 in the world—is your first point of contact to determine your coaching requirements. Tracey will […]

Improvers Tennis

Improvers Tennis Adults, intermediate group Improvers Tennis is building on your knowledge from Easy Tennis, we delve a little deeper into the technical and tactical aspects of your tennis game in a non-competitive environment. The goal is progressing on from Easy Tennis is to have you attending social club nights feeling confident to serve and play […]

Tennis Xpress

Tennis Xpress Adults, beginner group Tennis Xpress is a 6-week course for beginner adults where you will learn the basic technical and tactical fundamentals of tennis taking a ‘serve, rally and score’ approach to learning.  We use slower, low-bouncing tennis balls to ensure players progress faster, increasing the success and enjoyment in a non-competitive environment. Tennis Monsters […]

Coaching Programmes for Adults

Coaching Programmes for Adults   Have you always loved the occasional hit of tennis but never regularly played? Tennis Monsters provide coaching programmes for adults at your local tennis club where you can enjoy social tennis for fun, fitness and healthy competition through to high-performance tennis. You may be just starting, or an enthusiastic past player wanting […]

The Role of Coach and Parent

The Role of Coach and Parent The parent’s role is providing emotional support for the player during matches, while the coach’s role is a little more complex. Coaches need to prepare the player mentally, tactically and often physically before the match and help the player maintain their ideal performance state of mind during the match. Coaching […]

How To Be The Perfect Spectator

How To Be The Perfect Spectator Children love to have their parents and siblings watch them play tennis—sometimes it makes them play even better! Being supportive is an important role for the parent and it starts with the journey to the court. Arrive in a calm manner with plenty of time to park, find your way […]

Hot Shots Tennis and Why It Works for Young Children

Hot Shots Tennis and Why It Works for Young Children Children ages 11 & under aren’t mini adults, which is why the Hot Shots Tennis play format uses specifications designed to be age, size, skill and attention span appropriate for children. The goal of Hot Shots Tennis is to establish court and equipment specifications ensuring […]

Hot Shots Tennis

Hot Shots Tennis Hot Shots Tennis is a play format for learning and playing tennis. Designed to bring children to the game by using smaller racquets, Hot Shots Tennis use slower and lighter balls, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring, all tailored to the age and size of the child. It is divided into two different […]

Tennis Programmes for Your Child

  Tennis Programmes for Your Child Hot Shots Tennis programmes are available throughout New Zealand. Most take the form of beginning tennis lessons. While these are generally a good and affordable place to start, the ideal programme will offer your child a place to progress and participate by offering opportunities to play. Junior Interclub Team Tennis […]

How to Let Your Child Develop a Passion for Tennis

How to Let Your Child Develop a Passion for Tennis Parents want to do what is best for their children. They want to provide meaningful and positive experiences they enjoy, leading to the positive development of the child. Tennis is a sport a child can learn at a young age and enjoy with friends and […]

Tennis and the Role of the Parent

Tennis and the Role of the Parent It’s important the first tennis experience of getting children started is made simple with activities at home, using the right equipment and finding the best program and value of a good coach. The parent has a supporting role, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to assume the […]


Competition At some time, children will be on the court competing against another player or doubles team. Competition at the correct time will provide a focus to the game, bring an awareness of strengths and weaknesses and sharpen skills and tactics. Competition will also provide valuable opportunities for your child to make decisions in real time. […]

How To Support Your Child For Their First Tournament

How To Support Your Child For Their First Tournament It’s natural to be a little anxious at your child’s first tennis tournament – parents too! So relax and your children will too. As a parent, your role is to encourage and support your child—not stress them out. Keep it real and don’t put high expectations on your […]

Tennis Rules for Beginners

   Tennis Rules for Beginners Tennis is played between two opponents and called a singles match, or four opponents and called a doubles match. Opponents play on a marked surface called a tennis court, divided into equal halves by a net. Tennis racquets are used to hit the ball from one part of the court to […]

Play Opportunities

Play Opportunities There is a starting point for every child who is introduced to tennis. This could be in any number of settings—at school during physical education class, during recess, or in a before or after school program. Many youth program providers also offer tennis, generally in after-school or summer program. The first experience might be […]