The Benefits of Tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in New Zealand and is the second most-played sport worldwide. Free or low-cost courts are available in nearly every community at schools and parks and organised programs for children are common throughout the country. All a child needs to get started is a racquet and some tennis balls. The cost of an introductory racquet and balls is extremely reasonable so the starting expense of playing tennis is among the lowest of any sport.

Getting Started

Your child has several options when they begin the sport. Tennis can be an individual sport and children can develop, play and compete as an individual. There are ample opportunities to develop at their own pace and participate in events with other children of similar ability levels in most areas. These opportunities extend to competition and tournament play at national and even international events for those desiring individual challenges as they develop their skills.

Tennis is also a great team game and most children have great experiences being part of a team. Children like to be with their friends and being on a team allows them to learn and play with their friends. Team practices and matches are beneficial in skill development and in learning how to compete in a team environment. Children also enjoy the simple activity of playing in the driveway or casually at parks and schools.

High school tennis for both boys and girls is one of the Top 10 participation sports in the US. Every year more than 370,000 high school players represent their schools as members of their high school teams. Roughly 15,000 of these players have the opportunity to play college, university tennis and more than 20,000 college players participate on teams at the club level through the USTA Tennis On Campus program, which is one of the fastest growing programs for tennis players in the US.

Tennis is one of the best games for the entire family.

Parents can spend valuable and fun time on the courts with their children from a very young age all the way through the time their children have children of their own. Siblings often enjoy rallying with each other as well.

Research shows that tennis is also one of the best and most enjoyable ways to become healthy and fit. The very nature of the game of serving, returning and rallying makes tennis an active sport with plenty of movement, starts, stops and direction changes.

Tennis is a great cardiovascular activity and the movements used on the court develop balance, agility and coordination. Mental focus is sharpened because decision-making and concentration is necessary every time a ball is hit. It is also one of the safest of all sports and has a very low rate of injury compared to other youth sports.