Mixed Doubles Partners in Tennis Match


Have you always loved the occasional hit of tennis but never regularly played?
Become a member of your local tennis club and make tennis a regular fitness activity during your week.

Tennis Monsters provide coaching at your local tennis club where you can enjoy social tennis for fun, fitness and healthy competition through to high-performance tennis for juniors and adults of all ages and abilities.

You may be just starting, or an enthusiastic past player wanting to perfect your technique. Whatever your situation, you will be in good company with like-minded people enjoying the benefits of being a member of your local tennis club and enjoying some regular exercise.

Here are some more reasons why Tennis Monsters think you would benefit from joining your local tennis club:

  1. Learning. A dedicated coaching team to help you improve your skills and enjoy the game from social through to high-performance, all ages and abilities. Tennis promotes continuing brain development and reinforces important values such as discipline, honour, perseverance and respect.
  2. Social. Playing at your local tennis club is a great way to meet your neighbours, exercise with friends and help build a sense of community in your neighbourhood. Join as a family and enjoy the tennis camps, lessons, tournaments and to show your support to your local tennis club.
  3. Accessible. Wherever you are in Auckland, there is a tennis club in your neighbourhood where you’ll be among many New Zealanders getting more exercise and having fun.
  4. Safe. Not only is tennis a non-impact sport with a minimal risk of injury, you will also increase your hand-eye and overall body coordination for other sports with your family.
  5. Stress-buster. Work out some of that frustration on the tennis court. The tactics and strategy involved in match-play will get your brain working and body burning calories and fat while improving self-esteem and confidence.
  6. Healthy. Tennis improves bone density, builds muscle and improves flexibility. You can start playing tennis at any age and keep enjoying for years to come with your family. It’s been proven – physically active people are healthier and happier.