Tracey O’Connor

Tennis Monsters Coaching Director
Head Coach at Pompallier Tennis Club & Harcourts Eden Epsom Tennis Club


Tracey began playing tennis at the age of 10-years-old and reached an outstanding career high on the WTA Tour of #417 in the world and a junior world ranking of #55, competing at the Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open Junior Grand Slams.

After a successful playing career, Tracey went on to study a Bachelor of Science in Ecology at Auckland University. Tracey has a passion for coaching players of all ages and abilities—her patient encouraging style and wealth of technical knowledge and high-performance competitive experience is a valuable asset to the Tennis Monsters coaching team.

As Tennis Monsters Coaching Director, Tracey is your first point of contact to determine your coaching requirements. Tracey will assess your tennis objectives and connect you with the most suitable coach. Please contact Tracey to discuss on 021 468 402.

Coaching Style

  • Encouraging, patient, results-driven
  • Performance analysis and technical expertise
  • Competitive strategy and tactics


  • Former WTA player
  • Tennis NZ Registered Coach
  • ITF Level 1 JDC
  • ITF Level 2 Club Pro (in progress)
  • BSc, Ecology

Coaching Experience

  • Tennis Coach since 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Head Coach at Pompallier Tennis Club & Harcourts Eden Epsom Tennis Club

Career Highlights

  • Competed in Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open Junior Grand Slams
  • Junior Career High Singles World Ranking of #55
  • WTA Career High Singles World Ranking of #417
  • WTA Career High Doubles World Ranking #460
  • New Zealand Career High Singles Ranking of #3
  • High Ranking S2 Player

More about Tracey…

1. Why did you want to become a professional tennis coach?

“Becoming a tennis coach was the next best thing after being a professional player. Tennis is all I had known and it was a natural progression after playing to becoming a coach. I also love health and fitness and this is an area where I had experience in and could help people achieve fitness goals in conjunction with tennis.”

2. What do you love most about coaching tennis?

“Relationships with people. I’m passionate about helping people to be the best they can be on the tennis court. People are the key to life and I love connecting and learning everyone’s stories and helping them out when it comes to their tennis game. Coaching also allows us to have positive impact on everyone that we come in contact with. It’s a privilege to have the chance to add fun, positivity, laughter and education to people’s days.”

3. How would you describe your coaching style?

“My coaching style is quite analytical. I like to decipher what the technical issues are early on and work towards correcting through ball fed drills and finally realistic rally drills to cement the new skill. I love technique and working out ways to help my player develop better technique to help their game and longevity in tennis. My delivery still is very patient and calming, I don’t yell or scream a lot! I prefer to approach life in general with a calm and positive outlook and I think my coaching style follows that.”

4. Why are you so passionate about tennis?

“Tennis is a game that I picked up at around 10-years-old and it took me a good 6 years before I was competing at a high level. I love the discipline of putting work into something and achieving good results as an outcome. Tennis has a competitive element, social element and it’s a game you can play with all ages. I play with my son who is 5-years-old and I also play with past great players who are 60 years old. It’s a versatile sport and you can play it for life. It gets under your skin and you can’t help but want to get better and better at it. Also I’m passionate about tennis because it is the vehicle I can use to connect with people and help them live healthier lives through playing tennis.”

5. What is one of the most memorable tournaments you’ve played in?

“The most memorable tournament I have played in was the Junior Australian open in 2000. The atmosphere was amazing and I was able to meet my tennis idols like Martina Hingis and Mary Pierce.”

6. What are some of your favourite tournament venues you’ve played at?

“You can’t beat the grand slam venues and I also have a soft spot for the ASB Classic here in Auckland.”

7. What are your favourite tennis brands?

“I’m sponsored by Wilson and I love their racquets so they would be my favourite.”

8. What influences and inspires your coaching methods?

“I don’t think you can ever know everything about coaching so I’m inspired by my mentors. In the past it was Emma Doyle from Tennis Australia, a woman on a mission to take tennis to the world. Emma creates amazing techniques to teach children tennis skills in a super fun environment. Currently, our team is mentored by Nick Jacques and he has an amazing knowledge of the game and fantastic drills to help us create little champions here in NZ.”

9. What has been your biggest lesson learned since qualifying as a professional coach that you would pass on to enthusiastic players today?

“Time on the court playing with efficient technique is key to having a long-lasting tennis career injury free.”

10. What New Zealand personality would you like to coach at your local tennis club?

“I don’t know…. maybe an Olympic athlete! They are so inspiring, their discipline and work ethic. I love learning how people become so successful.”

11. What are your other interests when you’re not coaching tennis?

“I love playing soccer, it’s my winter sport. I also love getting away with my family and enjoying new experiences with our 5-year-old son. I’m also passionate about business and learning how to create a company that people want to be a part of. Growing our coaches in all areas of life is something I put a lot of effort into.”

12. What are your favourite places in Central Auckland?
  • Viaduct to look around with my family at the weekend
  • Mary’s for great coffee
  • Salta to grab lunch
  • Ponsonby Central for dinner and catching up with friends
  • Jacobs Ladder for doing a workout—