Hernan Garcia

Beginners to Competition
Senior Coach at Pompallier, West Harbour & Greenhithe Tennis Clubs


Hernan was born in Colombia and began playing tennis at the age of 6-years-old. Passionate about tennis, Hernan has coached since 2015 and loves using his knowledge to motivate players and help improve their tennis skills.

Coaching Style

  • Energetic, Enthusiastic, Fun
  • Encouraging, patient
  • Technical expertise


  • BSc (Sports Science)

Coaching Experience

  • Tennis Monsters coach since 2015

Career Highlights

  • Joining the Tennis Monsters team


1. Why did you want to become a professional tennis coach?

“I love the sport and love helping others”

2. What do you love most about coaching tennis?

“Forming bonds with people”

3. How would describe your coaching style?

“Very patient and encouraging”

4. Why are you so passionate about tennis?

“It is the sport of a lifetime, therefore you can play at any age and still enjoy it”

5. What is one of the most memorable tournaments you’ve played in?

“Junior Regionals for the South East Region of Australia”

6. What are some of your favourite tournament venues you’ve played at?

“Albany Tennis Park indoor courts”

7. What are your favourite tennis brands?

“Head and Wilson”

8. What influences and inspires your coaching methods?

“Fellow coaches”

9. What has been your biggest lesson learned since qualifying as a professional coach that you would pass on to enthusiastic players today?

“Performance is more important than winning or losing.”

10. What New Zealand personality would you like to coach at your local tennis club?

“Richie McCaw”

11. What are your other interests when you’re not coaching tennis?

“Hanging out with friends and going on adventures”

12. What are your favourite places in Auckland?
  • Any tennis court
  • Piha to relax
  • Long Bay beach
  • Cat café