Chris Brown

Beginners to Competition
Senior Coach at Pompallier & Harcourts Eden Epsom Tennis Club


Chris was born in England and began playing tennis at the age of 4-years-old, competing at local, regional and national tournaments all over the UK. Chris has a calming, enthusiastic results-driven coaching style and loves seeing his students of all ages and abilities improving their skills and developing a passion for playing tennis.

Travelling the world with tennis, Chris has coached children and adults all over the world, including some highly rated national juniors. Involved in tennis all his life, Chris has been a fully qualified coach since he was 18-years-old and coached in the UK, Turkey, Australia, USA and now New Zealand.

“Consistency is the key! Get in one more shot than your opponent to win!”

Coaching Style

  • High-energy, focused, results-driven
  • Performance analysis and technical expertise
  • Competitive strategy and tactics


  • LTA Level 1 Development Coach Award
  • US College player

Coaching Experience

  • Tennis Coach since 2005 in the UK, Turkey, USA, Australia and New Zealand
  • Head Coach at Te Atatu Tennis Club
  • Senior Coach at Pompallier Tennis Club and Harcourts Eden Epsom Tennis Club,

Career Highlights

  • Coached at the best country club in Florida
  • Travelling the world with tennis


1. Why did you want to become a professional tennis coach?

“I have played tennis since I was 4 years old. I wanted to use my knowledge of the game to help people improve their own game. Tennis is a skill for life. I love to work with people and encourage an active healthy lifestyle.”

2. What do you love most about coaching tennis?

“I enjoy witnessing the feeling that people get when they improve their game. The kick that they get from making a shot, or winning a match has always been my motivation for coaching tennis.”

3. How would you describe your coaching style?

“Active and involved, high-energy, high-information, tailored to suit every player. I enjoy analysing a players shot and footwork to help strive towards the perfect game.”

4. Why are you so passionate about tennis?

“Tennis is in my blood! My dad was a tennis coach and got me playing at a young age. I turned out to have good co-ordination and I never stopped playing since. It’s a skill I have worked on all my life.”

5. What is one of the most memorable tournaments you’ve played in?

“I’ve competed in tournaments all over the UK, my most memorable is the Lancashire County Championships.”

6. What are some of your favourite tournament venues you’ve played at?

“My favourite tournament venue was at La Manga, Spain – you can’t beat a good clay court!”

7. What are your favourite tennis brands?

“Wilson and Adidas.”

8. What influences and inspires your coaching methods?

“Learning from the best coaches I can find – always seeking new knowledge and new methods.”

9. What has been your biggest lesson learned since qualifying as a professional coach that you would pass on to enthusiastic players today?

“Practice makes permanent!”

10. What New Zealand personality would you like to coach at your local tennis club?

“Peter Jackson of course.”

11. What are your other interests when you’re not coaching tennis?

“I am currently learning to be a dog behaviourist, I work 2 days a week walking packs of up to 12 and I help with rehabilitating problem dogs.”

12. What are your favourite places in Central Auckland?
  • Cornwall Park
  • Marys for great coffee
  • The food room to grab lunch
  • Wagamama for dinner and catching up with friends
  • Anytime fitness for doing a workout
  • Karamatua for camping