Airton Agostinho

Beginners to Intermediate
Assistant Coach at Harcourts Eden Epsom Tennis Club


Airton began playing tennis at the age of 11-years-old with his father in Brazil. Achieving a high-level S3 Player ranking, Airton has always loved competition and continually works hard at perfecting his game. Tennis has always been a big part of Airton’s life and believes learning fairness, respect and hard work from within his tennis community has been key to a happy and successful life.

Although qualified in technology and business, Airton has always had a desire to follow his other passion and have a career as a tennis coach—by moving to New Zealand, Airton has now made his dream come true with Tennis Monsters.

Coaching Style

  • Dynamic, people-centric
  • Technical expertise
  • Strategic and Tactics


  • ITF Level 1 JDC (in progress)
  • Business Management, Post Graduate Diploma

Coaching Experience

  • Tennis Monsters coach since 2016
  • Assistant Coach at Pompallier & Harcourts Eden Epsom Tennis Club

Career Highlights

  • High Ranking S3 Player
  • Clay court expert


1. Why did you want to become a professional tennis coach?

“Tennis gives me the opportunity to teach the best of my experiences inside and outside the tennis world and on top of that, it is a career that you never stop learning. Basically, you help people improve and you improve in return, it’s a win-win situation.”

2. What do you love most about coaching tennis?

“People’s enjoyment and excitement when they learn something new or something better than they used to. I love to see people breaking their own limits.”

3. How would you describe your coaching style?

“I could say that I am a “people-centric” coach focused on working with people’s goals. I like discussing with the players what they want to work on and improve and then make a plan towards that goal. I like delivering the session in a very dynamic and active way. So expect a good workout.”

4. Why are you so passionate about tennis?

“Tennis is a sport that helped me in so many ways that I don`t have enough words to describe it. Inside tennis, I made friends, could enjoy a sport with my father, learned to break my own limits, discipline, hard work, to be positive, learned to win, to lose, to learn, to teach. After 15 years playing tennis it still amazes me, every time.”

5. What is one of the most memorable tournaments you’ve played in?

“All of the tournaments I played helped me in one way or another to improve my game.”

6. What are some of your favourite tournament venues you’ve played at?

“They have all been amazing because I could get to know new people, new places, cultures, ways to play and experiences.”

7. What are your favourite tennis brands?

“Babolat and K-Swiss”

8. What influences and inspires your coaching methods?

“My mentors (past and present) are the ones that influence me and my inspiration comes from people that want to be better than they were one second ago.”

9. What has been your biggest lesson learned since qualifying as a professional coach that you would pass on to enthusiastic players today?

“Believe in yourself, work hard and do always your very best.”

10. What New Zealand personality would you like to coach at your local tennis club?

“A professional rugby player.”

11. What are your other interests when you’re not coaching tennis?

“Reading, playing games, going out with friends, eating, playing tennis, travelling, technology and physics.”

12. What are your favourite places in Mt. Eden?
  • The Harcourt Eden Epsom Tennis Club, (you will see me there.)
  • RAD is a good place for coffee
  • Corner Burger for lunch is good, (but you better not have burgers every day!)
  • Zool Zool for dinner, great Lamen!
  • Mt. Eden for spectacular views of Auckland