Dean Moore

Beginners to Competition
Head Coach at Greenhithe Tennis Club


Dean began playing tennis at 8 years old, achieving a junior career-high representing Lancashire at all National Junior levels. Passionate about tennis, Dean became a Tennis Coach in 2009 and has coached in England, Greece and New Zealand.

Experienced in delivering tennis coaching to a wide variety of ages and abilities, from large groups to individual lessons and from small children through to adult groups. Dean’s passion is to get kids playing tennis and has been involved in introducing tennis into local schools and running local tennis tournaments.

Driven to get the best from every player, Dean believes in delivering quality coaching, enjoyable, structured and fun—delivered professionally. Coaching and playing tennis are Dean’s passion—the perfect way to see the world while living the dream!

Coaching Style

  • High-energy, focused, results-driven
  • Technical expertise, analytical
  • Competitive strategy and tactics


  • LTA Level 3 TA Coach

Coaching Experience

  • Tennis Coach since 2009 in England, Greece and New Zealand
  • Head Coach at Greenhithe Tennis Club

Career Highlights

  • Career High of Lancashire Men’s Double Champion


1. Why did you want to become a professional tennis coach?

“After playing I wanted to use my experiences to educate others.”

2. What do you love most about coaching tennis?

“Seeing the enjoyment it brings to the kids!”

3. How would you describe your coaching style?

“Push and drive to get results.”

4. Why are you so passionate about tennis?

“It’s been the main sport in my life since the age of 8, I’ve had so many good bad and exciting moments because of tennis.”

5. What is one of the most memorable tournaments you’ve played in?

“Nationals, County Cup.”

6. What are some of your favourite tournament venues you’ve played at?

“Junior competitions at Wimbledon, Eastbourne and Queens.”

7. What are your favourite tennis brands?


8. What influences and inspires your coaching methods?

“Hard workers “

9. What has been your biggest lesson learned since qualifying as a professional coach that you would pass on to enthusiastic players today?

“Going into coaching, made me think and self-analyse my own game a lot more and make me a better player.”

10. What New Zealand personality would you like to coach at your local tennis club?

“A New Zealand high-performance athlete.”

11. What are your other interests when you’re not coaching tennis?

“All sports I’m a big sports fan, spending time with friends.”