Coaching Programmes

Team1 Tennis is a world class team of local and international professional tennis coaches who are passionate about empowering people of all ages to learn and develop their skills, enjoy their local club environment and become regular social or high-performance tennis players.

Our qualified team provides:

  • Private Tennis Coaching (Juniors, Adults)
  • Hot Shots Programmes (Juniors, all levels)
  • High-Performance Development Programmes (Juniors, selected players)
  • Club Tennis (Juniors, Adults)
  • Tennis Xpress (Adults, beginners)
  • Improvers Tennis (Adults, intermediate)
  • Challengers Tennis (Adults, intermediate – advanced)
  • Cardio Tennis (Adults, all levels welcome)

Team1 Tennis Location:

  • Eden Epsom Tennis & Squash Club, 1 Penrhyn Road, Auckland.

Coaching Programmes

Team1 Tennis provide coaching programmes for juniors and adults at all of our tennis clubs.
Please get in contact with us to see which coaching programme suits you or your child.

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Getting Started —What You Need To Know

Lessons: we recommend arriving and checking-in 10-15 minutes before your Junior Hot Shots group lesson starts. If unable to attend an Adult group lesson, please get in touch via your ‘WhatsApp group’ to advise a minimum of 24 hours in advance as we may need to cancel if minimum numbers are not attending. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you on court! Terms & Conditions of Service

Public Holidays: please note, we take a break from lessons on New Zealand Public Holidays.

Timetables: simply select your club timetable, coaching programme―and enrol and pay online. So easy! If you’re planning on getting a head start and would like to rebook the same day and time for the following term―save time and enrol online. If you’re unsure of which coaching programme to select, please contact us.

Weather: In the case of cancellations due to poor ‘unplayable’ weather, a text will be sent to the phone number you have registered with us, 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the class start time. If you do not hear anything then you can assume that the class is going ahead. Please be aware that coaches are on court and will not be able to respond to text messages, however if you would like to speak to our team directly please call 0210499671. Make-up lesson(s) will be provided over the last 3 Saturday mornings in the current term.

Racquets: if you need advice on racquets, restrings or would like to hire a racquet ($5 a session) or try some demo racquets from our Team1 Tennis ProShop, please let us know and we’ll coordinate to have these at your club for your lesson. We can provide a selection of sizes and colours to suit all preferences.

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All club timetables are online, simply select your coaching programme, enrol and pay online.

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Private Tennis Coaching
1-1 session

Private Tennis Coaching is available to players wanting to improve quickly. You may be a beginner learning the basic technique, an intermediate player wanting to work on a specific stroke, or an advanced player focused on perfecting your game.


3-5 Years — 45 Minutes — Mini Court

Mini Shots is a tennis programme for 3-5-year-old children and is a “launching pad” towards the Hot Shots programme. At this age children acquire new skills quickly and create a solid foundation for further development. Children will learn the basic skills of simple balance and movement, basic racquet and ball skills, simple swing patterns and group structure through game-based learning. It is a fun and easy course conducted in a friendly and welcoming environment. Parent participation is most welcome for this age group.

Court size: variable
Tennis ball: 
red ball (25% compression)
Recommended racquet size: 
19-21 inches

For more information, please Contact Us.

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Hot Shots is a Tennis New Zealand endorsed programme with three levels of development.


5-8 Years — 45 Minutes — 1/2 Court

Hot Shots Red is a beginner level tennis programme for 5-8-year-old children. Children play with larger, low compression balls and a modified court to allow them to develop their tennis skills properly. The focus is on fun and learning so they have all the tools they need to keep playing and enjoying tennis in the future. During the programme players will learn:

  • Movement in different directions, stopping and balancing
  • Proper contact and simple control of the ball
  • Rally skills learnt through throwing, hitting and catching
  • Basic stroke shapes – forehand, backhand, volley, with control of the ball
  • Group structure and game based learning
  • Co-ordinated running, jumping and hopping
  • Simple grips and contact points
  • Introduction of the serve
  • Rallying over a short distance
  • How to win a point and where to stand

Court size: 3 m × 8.23 or 6 m × 10.97 m
Tennis ball: red ball (25% compression)
Recommended racquet size: 21–23 inches

For more information, please Contact Us.

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HOT SHOTS – Orange

8-10 Years — 60 Minutes — 3/4 Court

Hot Shots Orange is a beginner-intermediate level tennis programme for children aged 8-10-years-old. Children play with medium compression tennis balls, bouncing lower and move slower to allow them to have longer rallies. Children learn a variety of skills:

  • Quick and efficient movement
  • Co-ordinated rotation and use of both arms
  • Effective swing shapes including the use of spin
  • Rallying from the baseline, including cross court
  • Serving on balance with a consistent act on and higher contact point
  • Specific and adapted footwork patterns
  • Refined stroke shapes including the use of spin
  • Changing the stroke to direct the ball and hit to different areas of the court
  • Better throwing action and grip on the serve
  • Tactical awareness of the opponent

Court size: 6.4 m × 18.29 m
Tennis ball: orange ball (50% compression)
Recommended racquet size: 23–25 inches

For more information, please Contact Us.

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9-11 Years — 60 Minutes — Full Court

Hot Shots Green is an intermediate-advanced level tennis programme for children aged 9-11-years-old. Children focus on developing the following skills:

  • Basic to excellent movement to, from and around the ball
  • Coordinated use of all parts of the body
  • Basic to adapted stances
  • Basic full-court strategy and tactics
  • Consistency in strokes and rally
  • Refining serve technique including the introduction of the 2nd serve
  • Strokes based upon intended shot and changing the flight, spin, and speed of the ball

Court size: 10.97 m × 23.78 m (full court)
Tennis ball: green ball (75% compression)
Recommended racquet size: 25–27 inches

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12+ Years — 60 Minutes — Full Court

Super Shots is the next step up from the Hot Shots programme, using the standard yellow ball it is an intermediate-advanced tennis programme for children aged 12+. Players are exposed to a full range of technical and tactical possibilities while encouraged to develop their own play style and game plan. Everything is relevant to match play situations and gives them a setting to push the limits of what they can do. Players will refine their skills with the focus on:

  • Excellent movement to, from and around the ball
  • Coordinated use of all parts of the body
  • All strokes covered – forehand, backhand, volley, serve
  • Game etiquette with basic singles and doubles strategy
  • Game based point play and working in teams or partner activity

Court size: 10.97 m × 23.78 m (full court)
Tennis ball: yellow ball (100% compression)
Recommended racquet size: 27 inches

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Junior Performance Programme
Become a professional player

The Junior Performance Programme aims to provide specialist training for all our selected players. All of our tennis training is based on the most current research ensuring Team1 Tennis players receive cutting-edge training at all times.

Team1 Tennis offer a complete package giving our players access to:

  • Mental skills training
  • Specialised physiotherapists
  • Video analysis
  • Movement screening
  • Physical trainers
  • Mentorships with experienced coaches in the tennis industry

The Development groups are:

  1. Red Development Programme (8-years-old and under)
  2. Orange Development Programme (10-years-old and under)
  3. Green Development Programme (11-years-old and under)
  4. High-Performance Programme (Yellow ball)
  5. Platinum Programme (11+ years 2-3 year interclub players)
  6. Black Programme (11+ years, top club junior interclub players)


School Holiday Programmes
School-aged children

Our Team1 Tennis Holiday Tennis Programmes are  a fun way for children to improve their tennis skills during the school holidays. It’s the perfect time for:

  • beginners to pick up the basics in a very social, fun and games-based environment
  • social juniors to develop social connections within group and team challenges
  • regular coaching juniors to improve their technical skills in a short space of time

We try to make sure there is something for everyone, from the beginner who requires a coach with patience and support to help build confidence, right through to the junior who is looking to improve and requires a qualified and experienced coach to quickly identify technical issues, correct them and allow them to use it in their everyday game.

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Tennis Xpress
Adults, beginner group coaching

Tennis Xpress is a 6-week course for beginner adults where you will learn the basic technical and tactical fundamentals of tennis taking a ‘serve, rally and score’ approach to learning. We use slower, low-bouncing tennis balls to ensure players progress faster, increasing the success and enjoyment in a non-competitive environment.

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Improvers Tennis
Adults, intermediate group

Improvers Tennis is building on your knowledge from Easy Tennis, we delve a little deeper into the technical and tactical aspects of your tennis game in a non-competitive environment. The goal is progressing on from Easy Tennis is to have you attending social club nights feeling confident to serve and play a rally out.

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Challengers Tennis
Adults, intermediate – advanced intensive tennis

Challenger Tennis is aimed at Interclub players who would like to build on their knowledge base for tactical elements of their game.

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Cardio Tennis
Adults, beginner, intermediate and advanced groups

Cardio Tennis is a fun, sociable tennis-based group fitness programme open to people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. A fast paced workout with heart-rate monitors and music with qualified coaches, you’ll get to hit lots of tennis balls during your class and have a great cardio workout in a non-competitive environment. With different groups for beginners, intermediate and advanced players—everyone enjoys a group tennis lesson and fun and fast workout.

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