Team1 Tennis
Terms & Conditions of Service

We like to keep your booking and tennis experience as easy and straight forward as possible, so it’s important you take a little time to read the following “Terms & Conditions of Service” to understand how TEAM1 TENNIS manages tennis coaching services and events at all of our clubs.

Tennis coaches not employed by TEAM1 TENNIS are not permitted to book the tennis courts for their own commercial use.

The following are the Terms and Conditions of Service for TEAM1 TENNIS (Team1 Limited). All customers are required to accept these Terms and Conditions of Service prior to participation in TEAM1 TENNIS Lessons including but not limited to Holiday Programmes, Private Lessons and Interclub Coaching.

TEAM1 TENNIS customers accept the following terms and conditions by completing and signing the Team1 Tennis Enrolment Form:


  1. TEAM1 TENNIS offers 30min, 45min, 1hr and 1.5hr class durations.
  2. TEAM1 TENNIS offers a $25 Trial option for the first class, after that the customer should enrol in the whole Term in Junior Group lessons or for Adults buying a Session Card. The Trial class cost will be deducted from the Term’s Fees if enrolling.  Term fees will be pro-rated if joining into the current Term.
  3. Any payment made after the invoice due date may incur late payment fee of $25.00.
  4. Children’s classes & Adult courses are payable by the term in advance
  5. For Junior Group lessons, TEAM1 TENNIS does not accept payments by Session Cards.
  6. There will be no refunds for class bookings that are cancelled within one week of the start of the term unless the Application for Refund/Credit is accompanied by a medical certificate.
  7. There are no refunds for withdrawals or non‐attendance during the term due to change of mind. Refunds/credits will only be issued when the Refund/Credit Form has been filled in and is accompanied by a medical certificate. Refunds/credits will only be issued when three or more classes have been missed.
  8. Make‐up classes will be provided for classes that are missed due to illness. If you have fallen ill and miss a session(s), you can contact your Coach to enquire about the possibility of a make‐up class. Up to two ‘Make Up lessons’ per term (maximum) are permitted if there is space in another equivalent class.
  9. Changing between classes may be permitted at the discretion of TEAM1 TENNIS, provided there is sufficient space in the required class and that any additional costs are paid.
  10. Private Lessons (Peak hours 3 pm onwards): Due to the high demand for private lessons if you wish to secure the same coaching slot for the school term we will require you to purchase (in advance) a session card.  There will be a 2-week expiry date to the card from the date of your last pre-booked session.
  11. If you book a private lesson with ANY of our coaches, you have the right to cancel your appointment 12 hours prior to the lesson; this will ensure the possibility for other players to fill the spot left by the player, or to confirm the minimum number of players required to hold a group lesson are attending. Otherwise, if the player cancels the lesson without prior notice less than 12 hours before the lesson, he/she will be charged the full price of the lesson.
  12. TEAM1 TENNIS offer a timetable of lessons scheduled to run. If the class does not have a minimum of 3 PLAYERS registered to attend the class by the scheduled first date of lesson, TEAM1 TENNIS reserves the right to either: 1. postpone the start of the class to allow for extra time for more enrolments, OR 2. offer the participant the option to remain at this scheduled time but at a private/semi-private rate, OR 3. cancel the lesson and recommend the same/similar programme at an alternative day or time that the participant may transfer to.

Holiday Programme

  1. A Holiday Programme session that is cancelled or changed to an alternate session a week or more before the date of the session is eligible for a full refund / credit.
  2. A holiday Programme session that is cancelled or changed less than a week before the date of the session is not eligible for a refund / credit.
  3. There is no refund for non‐attendance at a Holiday Programme session unless the Application for Refund is supported by a medical certificate. Refunds / credits will only be issued for absences of two sessions or more.


  1. I have voluntarily accepted and assumed the inherent risk or danger of injury in playing tennis and associated activities.
  2. In the event of an accident or illness where I am not present, if considered advisable by Team1 Tennis staff, I request that medical attention be secured at my expense and prompt notification be sent to me.
  3. I declare my child is medically and physically fit and does not suffer from any injury disease or condition, either physical or mental that would affect his or her ability to safely participate in any authorised or recognised activities run by TEAM1 TENNIS. If I am unsure about this declaration, or my child does suffer from such a condition I have listed it on the TEAM1 TENNIS Enrolment Form or I am aware that I must bring it to the attention of TEAM1 TENNIS immediately.
  4. I indemnify TEAM1 TENNIS from all claims, losses and expenses (including legal costs) suffered or incurred at any time as a result of, or resulting directly or indirectly from, myself or my child’s failure to observe the rules, policies, guidelines and reasonable directions of TEAM1 TENNIS staff members.
  5. I agree that TEAM1 TENNIS may from time to time use photographs, digital imaging or video media that may include my child, for the promotion of TEAM1 TENNIS. All media will be tastefully and respectfully used.


TEAM1 TENNIS reserves the right to:

  1. Make price changes without notice.
  2. Cancel any booking at short notice. (A staff member will contact you and re‐assign a different time or give a player credit refund if deemed appropriate).
  3. Re‐assign a court other than the court which has been booked specifically online or otherwise.

Double Bookings

  1. TEAM1 TENNIS does not take responsibility for any booking conflicts. In the case of a double booked court, we will do our best to help come up with a solution based on the circumstances.
  2. Pre‐paid confirmed bookings take precedence over any booking claim that is not in our Tennis Management System.
  3. It is the client’s responsibility to provide evidence of any booking claim.
  4. Where TEAM1 TENNIS is found to be in error, it will do its utmost to rectify the situation within reason.

Poor Weather Cancellation

  1. In the case of cancellations due to poor ‘unplayable’ weather, a WhatsApp msg or a text will be sent to the phone number you have registered with us, 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the class start time. If you do not hear anything then you can assume that the class is going ahead
  2. Decisions regarding lesson cancellations are under the sole discretion of the tennis coach responsible for the lesson.
  3. In the event of poor weather resulting in the cancellation of the lesson, make-up lesson(s) may be provided over the last 3 Saturday mornings in the current term.
  4. In the event that there are multiple cancellations of lessons due to poor weather, bulk group lessons will be offered equal to the total number of lessons cancelled.
  5. This group of lessons will fall within the current coaching term.
  6. NO credits will be forwarded onto the next coaching term. All cancelled lessons due to poor weather must be made up in the current coaching term.
  7. If pupils do not attend make up lessons, payment will not be refunded nor followed on to the next coaching term.
  8. In the event of poor weather resulting in the cancellation of the lesson once the lesson has commenced, full charge will apply.

Covid Cancellations

  1. In the event of Covid lockdowns, we will hold online fitness sessions that are tennis specific for the various age groups.

Social Tennis Events or Tournaments

  1. Payment due for the specific event in Advance. Payment can be made for a single session once the registration opens for the event.
  2. Cancellation of position at any event must be made at least 12 hours prior to the start time or full fee will be charged.
  3. TEAM1 TENNIS reserves the right to reduce or cancel the event if there are not sufficient numbers for the session.
  4. If a session is cancelled, you will be refunded your entry fee


Players must follow staff directions at all times. Aggressive behaviour towards staff or other players will not be tolerated.

No Smoking Policy

  1. In the interests of Public Health and comfort, smoking is not permitted on the courts, in the changing rooms or within the administrative areas or clubhouse of any of the three venues.

Player Etiquette

  1. Please take all your rubbish with you and leave the tennis courts, change rooms and bathrooms clean and tidy for the next player to use and enjoy.
  2. Early morning and late evening players please be mindful of the local residents who live nearby. Try to keep loud conversation and outbursts on court to a minimum.
  3. Please respect our environment and take your old ball cans and empty drink bottles home where you can for recycling.

Commercial Bookings

  1. Friends-teaching-friends or family is not permitted without prior consent from TEAM1 TENNIS coaching team.
  2. For any private bookings or events which require the services of the Coaching staff, (i.e., Event or Tournament Planner/Manager, Run a Team Building or Company On‐Court Training) Companies must apply in writing to TEAM1 TENNIS outlining the exact details of the event that is to be held, before any booking considerations can be made.  We will then discuss with the committee of the Tennis Club and provide a response based on the initial request.
  3. Coaching on Tennis Courts managed by TEAM1 TENNIS without prior consent is deemed to be trespassing.